Monday, August 08, 2005

another bloody monday

i'm exhausted

spent wednesday to friday last week pretty much in bed the whole time with the flu.

you don't get up to lot of interesting (or even boring) things to blog about when you're sick with the flu. or maybe that's just me. i was so bored i was working on a few of my projects from home. not getting anywhere mind you. just getting frustrated enough to annoy microsuck about it today.

the weather was nice saturday, so i thought i'd brave the playing field. i love that unlimited interchange. run on, run around for 5 minutes, run off and cough my lungs up. after that it was off to see friends of mine get married. afterwards girls i know were asking me what the wedding was like etc... well, errr, they got married. (if you want the girl version, how purty the bridesmaids were, what colour they were wearing, what was the colour of the leaves of the flowers the 3rd groomsdude had... then ask a girl who went who actually pays attention to detail)

afterwards was the good bit. the reception. i thought i'd just take it easy as i was still recovering from the flu, but by about 7:00 i realised i was getting stuck in, hadn't had anything yet to eat all day, so i'd better slow down or i'd pass out before dinner. it was a pretty good night.

the less said about work today the better, bleah!

tonight was one of the many catchup games as we've had a few rained out. it could have been colder i spose. run around, cough cough, hack hack, run a bit more. the poor guys we were playing only had 10 players. they still gave us a pretty good run for our money though. we only scored with about 15 minutes to go. after about 500 shots though. we play the same team in 3rd grade (with some younger lads as well) on wednesday night.

by the end of this week i'm gonna be a screwed unit. as it is i think i'm going to the physio tomorrow

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