Wednesday, July 27, 2005

well bob carr is gone.

i don't necessarily think he's left it all as rosy as he paints, health is going down the tube (but i blame the feds for that too) and the schools are going down the toilet. etc...

but i had a laugh tonight. in a momentary out of character moment i was watching the television and the 7:30 report came on (ok, i was at the folks' house drinking their beer and they were watching it). some idiot interviewer tried to piss him off and lock horns. said idiot interviewer was pretty much ignored, copped a few subtle (maybe too subtle) barbs back and looked (in my ignorant opinion) to have been left on the mat whilst bob carr left with the title undisputed.

i've just spent a few mins on the 7:30 report website and it appears that said idiot is kerry o'brien. like i'd have a clue anyway.

i'm sure i didn't understand it all. my dad loves the ins and outs of politics, and describes it all to me ad nauseaum. i don't understand half of what he's getting at, nor do i understand half (that's probably a bit ambitious, lets say a 10th) of the whole political bit either. although i like to think i've got a longer memory than some of my idiot friends who voted liberal because they didn't like beazley very much, and then whinged about problems they saw the federal libs responsible for worsening in their uni, daycare and other annoying changes affecting single mums (they're single mums).

in my idiot opinion, carr was so successful because he was so successful at manipulating the media. recently i saw the libs are borrowing some techniques from the yanks at influencing media and the public. so i reckon we're in for more lovely glossy adds, and more anti-constitutional crap like the re-written changes to industrial relations laws.

spin doctoring and bullshit. gimme back paul keating. he was an arsehole, but i liked him.

i reckon our idiot public is stupid enough to buy anything. unfortunately the 4 or 5 people who read here don't count as idiot public (because they all have intelligent opinions, can argue them, and have more than half a clue). so telling you is just a big sooky lala whinge on my part. ignore and carry on with your regular scheduled broadcast.

ps: i'm off to the snow!!! yay!!!!

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