Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a post for the geeks only...

a few years ago i had the opportunity to move away from microsoft and trial more open source solutions. i'd had a bit of experience with open source (moonlighting as a sysadmin for a local isp), and was using FreeBSD on my desktop, but i figured the retraining for the users would have been all too hard

and Dirk consider it the difference between green and yellow machinery :-)

(and no-one ever got fired for buying microsoft, dunno if that applies to the big machinery market)

if i had the chance to make that decision again, it'd all be different!

microsuck weenies used to go on about how arcane and complex unix type solutions were. they had no fucking idea. once you delve into the backend of microshit stuff, arcane takes on a whole new meaning. meaningless registry hacks, incompatibility issues between different versions of the same m$ shit, and then delve into the back end of active directory. the most common hacker of active directory isn't people who write viruses, it's microsoft programmers. then you have poor documentation, misleading documentation, and contradicting documentation. arseholes.

i've setup microsuck proxy servers, and squid proxy servers. let me tell you, i'd rather read through the supposedly arcane configuration file for squid any day of the week rather than upgrade a fucked up isa server or rebuild it when it toasts it's stupid hard drive.

give someone the complex option, bells and whistles, and next thing you know, they're in it up to the frikking hilt. microsoft exchange's one redeeming factor is it's calendaring. it's pretty good. but it offers too much stuff. once it's all customised and fiddled with, it's a minefield to recreate.

when choosing between two evils, i like to pick the one i haven't tried before. but when choosing between the evil of new technology, and sticking with what you're already using, and it works, and the lusers (that's local users, not loosers, there's a very subtle difference) understand and can already use. pick the fricking old technology. or simple technology. bells and whistles = bad. easy, dumb and simple = good.

ok, thats the end of my rant for the day.

if you are ever unlucky enough to have the choice of two evils, here's my picks...

iis (internet information server, otherwise known as a hackable piece of shit) or apache, choose apache. sure, it's still hackable, but lots easier to fix and understand

isa (internet security accelerator, or It's Shit Anyway) or squid, choose squid. once you understand the config files, you've got it nailed. break an isa server, or try to upgrade it, and welcome to hell. sure squid is just doing http, and you need a nat server of some type, it can't possible be as ugly as isa.

ie (internet exploder, otherwise known as bloatware 101) or mozilla (or opera or safari or lynx or even nutscrape for chrissake) it's just a hypertext reader. if want to write html that anyone can read, then forget the bells and whistles, write good code and it'll work for all of them. and choose mozilla

ok, NOW it's the end of my rant :-)

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