Wednesday, July 06, 2005

our lovely little "drunken idiot problem".

there's this guy, he's as full as a goog, and at the local rsl club tonite he gives another guy a few swipes to the BACK of the head. dunno what his fucking agenda is. but if someone is mad enough at me to swipe me in the back of the head, i reckon i'd have a clue as to what set him off.

but otherwise, i'd probably do exactly do what this dude did, and just report it to the bar staff. i boil slowly. wanna take advantage of me? do it all quickly, i'll be still working out where my arse is while you're making off with the loot. i slow boil.

does it make any difference that the swiper was black and the swipee was white? i have no idea. i got called to heel by one of the older dudes. he thought i was gonna get involved or something. all i did was stand up. it's only a small rsl club, and no-one was watching. so the silly prick didn't get evicted cause they didn't see it. i just avoided the situation. but you feel kinda awkward. it's violence. you don't want to be involved. but you don't want some stupid arsehole with no mother-fucking-clue around people you like if he's half cocked and gonna go off.

fortunately a couple of "brother's WITH a clue" surrounded him. they didn't interfere, just standing guard. if he went off again they would have contained it. i know a few of them, nice guys. they're in between a rock and a hard place. there's no way in the wide world i'll set a bunger off in that little powder keg.

and better than me getting involved i reckon. i don't like getting my head punched in. i'm not much of a fighter. i'll stand up, make an idiot of myself, and lose. dammit. but in this place, where people i know and love frequent, what choice do you have? i'm just glad it was taken care of for me. by the bar staff, and by people who fit in with his peers.

i'm angry enough though to have a go at smashing him. i'm glad i didn't get a chance. if my brother had been there it would have been all different. i've never known anyone else with a natural ability for violence like him (well one, but he doesn't count).

one time (one time, at band camp....) this lad i met once was walking home from one of the pubs here, and some arsehole hit him (as it turned out later, with a piece of wood, on the back of the head, musta screwed up). this dude i know is fairly under the weather, and he doesn't even know what happened. next thing he knows, some stupid lunatic is dancing around in front of him, demanding money, and swiping at him with a bit of wood. next thing he remembers was jumping up and down on the inert body of the attempted mugger. (stupid fuckwit) and thinking that he'd best be off.

natural ability. as opposed to stupid drunken idiocy (which is what i have). but i'm revved up. i figure as long as you don't let them know you can't defend yourself for shit, you have a chance. flail around like a moron and headbutt them about a thousand times. she'll be right, or you'll be unconscious and won't know either way...

never, ever give in. don't even get me started on the wreck of my life in school. i'm so mad about the shit i got delivered at school by cunts and bullies that, given the chance to do it again, i'd probably be put in gaol...

i was told, once (at least once) that my school years were the best of my life. and looking back, i'd see them with regret, and other shit like that. all i can say to those people who told me that is they had no fucking clue. school was torture. the miserable arseholes who tormented me, some, not all, teachers and some students have burned tracks into my behaviour for life. and if ever i am granted the chance of a dark alley and said arseholes....

anyway, school sucked. really really. work is good.

well, a bit of friction at the club, and i'm venting spume and fire. how about that for a character flaw. could be that i've got issues. no wonder then that i'm divorced and holding in resentment and stuff.

i'll probably delete this tomorrow. blogging while drunk, it's not good. gibber gibber gibber

aren't i in a good mood tonight!...

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