Thursday, July 07, 2005

one of them meme thingos (from Blondie) to take my mind off my headache..

10 years ago
madly saving up to get married and go on honeymoon. kidlets were tiny, my bike was still running, had a HR holden. the most reliable car i think i've ever owned.

5 years ago
divorced (didn't take long did it), unhappy, bike is broken and i've got a piece of shit commodore. it was the third commodore i owned, in an attempt to have a reliable family car. the first one, a VK, was a complete piece of shit. worse fuel economy, less grunt, and way less reliable than the HR. the second, a VL, was better, but after i spent some money on it getting the aircon fixed and putting on a new head, some miserable arsehole stole it. the third, a VS, was the best of the lot, but i wish i'd kept my damned HR.

1 year ago
playing soccer again, drinking way too much, and generally enjoying the hell outta life. still in debt, don't give a shit. managed to get into another relationship, which didn't work out and then i was down again for another 4-5 months.

still playing soccer, still drinking too much, having a great time. decided i'm gonna stay single forever. oops, oh well, met a nice girl and am keeping things "casual and relaxed".
it'd be nice to cut back on my drinking, get out of debt, buy a house and stuff like that, but i'm too busy enjoying myself to give a shit.

pay off debts, buy motorcycle, fix old motorcycle, buy boat, chase dreams ect ect... (so no set plans really...)

5 snacks i enjoy
toasted vegemite sandwiches, pizza, carrots straight outta the fridge, potato scallops with extra grease, toasted fish sandwich (now i feel hungry!)

5 songs i know all the words to
whip it - devo, um, hound dog - elvis (both cause i got really drunk a few times and did them as karaoke - DOH!) that's probably about it. i know about half of the national anthem as well...

5 reality television shows i watch
um, speedweek, superbikes, motogp, what do you mean they're not reality shows? well in that case, none.

5 television shows i watch daily
i don't watch the idiot box that regularly

5 things i would do with $100,000,000
buy house, bike, boat, car, bike, boat
setup the kids
travel lots
afford the therapy afterwards from drinking too much

5 locations i would love to run away to
turkey, spain, peru, italy, st petersburg

5 things i like doing
surfing, diving, riding round a racetrack, drinking beer, reading a good book

5 things i would never wear
um, moon boots? a pink scuba mask, a tutu, anything pink and/or fluffy

5 recently seen movies i like
mr and mrs smith
down periscope
erik the viking
the goodies
uncle buck

5 famous people i'd like to meet
robin williams, valentino rossi, sharon stone, geoff duke and mike hailwood

5 biggest joys of the moment
beer, scoring a goal, sleeping in, dropping in on a huge wave (ok, a 4-5 foot wave cause i'm a wuss) and doing mach 3 down the straight at eastern creek

it didn't work, still gotta headache...

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