Wednesday, July 20, 2005


got paid again, i'm happy about that. spent it all already. less than excited about that.

got a catch up game for soccer tonight. but it's getting cold, and it's gonna be dark, whinge whinge, moan moan, i'm not feeling very enthusiastic to say the least.

but i get home and check the letter box. got a letter from one of my rent-a-kids in chile. it's two pages of writing, but once the world vision translators finish with it, it's about half a page of type. it's nice to hear from her, but now i've gotta get motivated and write back.

around to the back door and i find my motivation. woohoo! a case of blowfly beer, just waiting for me. and some free stickers, and coasters and stuff like that. with a web address (www.blowie.com.au) that doesn't work. oh well. beer...

now to run around like a lunatic at soccer, not get hurt, drink some beers and write a letter or two.


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