Tuesday, July 05, 2005

houseminding for mum and dad, yet again on dialup. bleah! (and while i was just fidgeting i managed to hit the damned snooze button on the keyboard, and the stupid computer turned itself off)

my daughter's soccer tonight, considering they only had 9 players they played very well i thought to win 3-2. if the whole team turned up and they actually turned up at training, they could go alright i reckon :-) well maybe. along one side of the field was a drain, with muddy water in the bottom of it. so naturally that's where they mostly kicked the ball out.

she had a turn in goals as well. which was unfortunate. she has no idea how to play goallie. (well neither do any of them i spose) they all take turns at being goallie for half a game. i'm gonna try and con one of the senior goallies into a little coaching. i was no help, i only know if you get it all right the ball doesn't go in the back of the net...

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