Thursday, July 21, 2005

goddang, gotta love thursdays. well apart from the bein at work bit.

had a catch up game of soccer last night instead of training. being the organised dipshits that we are, we started with 9 players (meant to have 11). as the whistle blew to start, 2 guys walked into the dressing shed to get ready. whatever, we're havin fun. we score within 2 mins. fuck me dead.

2 more players come on, we've got a full team, we slow down a bit, next thing we've got 2 subs. woohoo! we still manage to win though. we played pretty good. i only screwed up about every second time i got the ball, so i thought that was ok. we were playing the local koori lads. despite the completely fucking racist shit their supporters were puking on the sideline, they played pretty fair. hard but fair. a bit more organisation and they'd be very fucking tough. they've got a few real good players, but they don't use them real well. lucky for us.

tonight was over 35's. within the first minute they scored against us. oh well, whatever. 30 seconds later we're laughing like idiots. the goallie isn't totally impressed, but you get that. we play pretty good. i play my usual 50% fuckup rate, run my hole out, sub lots, and have a great time. we even managed to win. woohoo!

40 mins after the game has finished and there's still enough players hanging around drinking to field 2 full teams. an hour later the opposition is gone, i've gotta go or risk dui, but we've still got 10 players there and a few of the opposition as well. we play to win, but we're only there for the beer.

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