Saturday, July 02, 2005

ever had one of those kooky days?

soccer today is cancelled, and the people who's house i'm minding, are coming home tomorrow. so i figure i'll take some of my stuff home and get organised.

some background information. two weeks ago i moved into friend's house to mind it for them while they go sailing up the coast. i figure that i'll take my pushbike out to their place and do heaps of exercise while i'm at it. so i borrow my mate's landrover and drive into town to pick it up and bring it back out. it has a few battery problems and i have to roll start it, then i forget about it for the next 2 weeks and don't go bike riding either 'cause it's too wet.

cue today. i figure i'll take my pushbike home (still in the back of the landrover). i jump in, it won't start. flat battery. my mate rings up and asks if i can pick him up when he gets back here, but i'd better use his missus' car, as his has some kind of battery problem. ookkkkaaaayyy.

i figure i'll just jumpstart the fucker, drop off my bike, and be done with it. maybe charge up his battery seein as i'm such a generous sod. so i put work car next to his car, and proceed to jump start it. bonnets up, where's the fucking battery? i figure it's gotta be under the seat or something (lucky guess). the manual is behind the seat, but useless as a teetotaller in a brewery (i just made that one up, pathetic isn't it). so i stuff around and eventually remove the right bits so i can get at the battery and jump it. takes a while though, it's pretty flat. meanwhile i've got a stick on the accelerator of the toymotor so it'll give a tiny bit more zap.

it starts. fuck me dead. undo jumper leads, and go to back the toymotor away and put it somewhere else, and spray mud into the cab of the landrover through the open passenger door. fuck. wipe mud, close door, try again. bogged it better the second time.

move landrover, wash off mud, tow toymotor out of hole. manage not to do anything else stupid for the next 10 minutes. now the landrover has been running for the last 15 minutes while i have a shower. i'll run my bike and other crap home, don't turn off stupid landrover, and then it's time for brekkie. at least it's a diesel. even if the prick of a thing doesn't charge, as long as i don't want anything electrical i should be right. i just hope it's not electronic fuel injection or something like that.

jumper leads are coming with me...

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