Sunday, July 17, 2005

and a good weekend was had by all. not.

a huge night friday night. the best night i've had out for about a month.

you know how little cliquey groups form at parties? well after the happy hour at work we gravitated to the pub, and i bounced from group, to group, to group. had a great time. afterwards some mates of mine had to head over to the train station for the last train home, so i thought i'd go along and hitch a lift. only it turned out there were no wheels involved. we ran. one of my mates was less than 60 seconds from the pub when he collided with a low hanging branch over the path. he was fairly stunned to say the least!

pissed idiots, running home. deja vĂș.

soccer saturday. i'm still sore from thursday night. and we play like idiots and get done. one moron on the opposition has no clue, he gets sent off. hello you idiot. welcome to your side has now only 10 players. so they score another fucking goal. arseholes. we finally get our shit together and score, only for some moron who doesn't understand the offside rule to say we were offside. oh well, shit happens, we score again and lost 2-1.

drive home, shower, collect some dudes for the bucks night down south, and take off after the bus. we're a few hours behind. not that the passengers are worried, they've brought roadies. we get an hour south to find a huge line-up. a multiple car crash, with a fatality and people still trapped, the road is blocked.

well i don't feel too good for the poor people involved. if today's traffic is anything to go by, some fuckwit has caused a crash and disappeared over the fucking horizon. we back up and divert via nerriga. hello 2 hour side trip.

big night, not much sleep, brekkie at the pub, drive home. i'm a shot duck. time for sleep.

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