Wednesday, July 27, 2005

well bob carr is gone.

i don't necessarily think he's left it all as rosy as he paints, health is going down the tube (but i blame the feds for that too) and the schools are going down the toilet. etc...

but i had a laugh tonight. in a momentary out of character moment i was watching the television and the 7:30 report came on (ok, i was at the folks' house drinking their beer and they were watching it). some idiot interviewer tried to piss him off and lock horns. said idiot interviewer was pretty much ignored, copped a few subtle (maybe too subtle) barbs back and looked (in my ignorant opinion) to have been left on the mat whilst bob carr left with the title undisputed.

i've just spent a few mins on the 7:30 report website and it appears that said idiot is kerry o'brien. like i'd have a clue anyway.

i'm sure i didn't understand it all. my dad loves the ins and outs of politics, and describes it all to me ad nauseaum. i don't understand half of what he's getting at, nor do i understand half (that's probably a bit ambitious, lets say a 10th) of the whole political bit either. although i like to think i've got a longer memory than some of my idiot friends who voted liberal because they didn't like beazley very much, and then whinged about problems they saw the federal libs responsible for worsening in their uni, daycare and other annoying changes affecting single mums (they're single mums).

in my idiot opinion, carr was so successful because he was so successful at manipulating the media. recently i saw the libs are borrowing some techniques from the yanks at influencing media and the public. so i reckon we're in for more lovely glossy adds, and more anti-constitutional crap like the re-written changes to industrial relations laws.

spin doctoring and bullshit. gimme back paul keating. he was an arsehole, but i liked him.

i reckon our idiot public is stupid enough to buy anything. unfortunately the 4 or 5 people who read here don't count as idiot public (because they all have intelligent opinions, can argue them, and have more than half a clue). so telling you is just a big sooky lala whinge on my part. ignore and carry on with your regular scheduled broadcast.

ps: i'm off to the snow!!! yay!!!!

remember all the whinging and moaning about mulesing aussie sheep by PETA? well Yobbo found an interesting reference about how peta don't really give a shit about animals anyway.
talk about the pot calling the kettle black... losers

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a post for the geeks only...

a few years ago i had the opportunity to move away from microsoft and trial more open source solutions. i'd had a bit of experience with open source (moonlighting as a sysadmin for a local isp), and was using FreeBSD on my desktop, but i figured the retraining for the users would have been all too hard

and Dirk consider it the difference between green and yellow machinery :-)

(and no-one ever got fired for buying microsoft, dunno if that applies to the big machinery market)

if i had the chance to make that decision again, it'd all be different!

microsuck weenies used to go on about how arcane and complex unix type solutions were. they had no fucking idea. once you delve into the backend of microshit stuff, arcane takes on a whole new meaning. meaningless registry hacks, incompatibility issues between different versions of the same m$ shit, and then delve into the back end of active directory. the most common hacker of active directory isn't people who write viruses, it's microsoft programmers. then you have poor documentation, misleading documentation, and contradicting documentation. arseholes.

i've setup microsuck proxy servers, and squid proxy servers. let me tell you, i'd rather read through the supposedly arcane configuration file for squid any day of the week rather than upgrade a fucked up isa server or rebuild it when it toasts it's stupid hard drive.

give someone the complex option, bells and whistles, and next thing you know, they're in it up to the frikking hilt. microsoft exchange's one redeeming factor is it's calendaring. it's pretty good. but it offers too much stuff. once it's all customised and fiddled with, it's a minefield to recreate.

when choosing between two evils, i like to pick the one i haven't tried before. but when choosing between the evil of new technology, and sticking with what you're already using, and it works, and the lusers (that's local users, not loosers, there's a very subtle difference) understand and can already use. pick the fricking old technology. or simple technology. bells and whistles = bad. easy, dumb and simple = good.

ok, thats the end of my rant for the day.

if you are ever unlucky enough to have the choice of two evils, here's my picks...

iis (internet information server, otherwise known as a hackable piece of shit) or apache, choose apache. sure, it's still hackable, but lots easier to fix and understand

isa (internet security accelerator, or It's Shit Anyway) or squid, choose squid. once you understand the config files, you've got it nailed. break an isa server, or try to upgrade it, and welcome to hell. sure squid is just doing http, and you need a nat server of some type, it can't possible be as ugly as isa.

ie (internet exploder, otherwise known as bloatware 101) or mozilla (or opera or safari or lynx or even nutscrape for chrissake) it's just a hypertext reader. if want to write html that anyone can read, then forget the bells and whistles, write good code and it'll work for all of them. and choose mozilla

ok, NOW it's the end of my rant :-)

it's all boring in the world of the rat this week.

but i'm hanging out for the weekend. it's our yearly pilgrimage to the snow. like other trips away, the primary purpose is to damage our livers, but there'll be some skiing and snowboarding in there as well.

actually that reminds me, i'd better find out exactly where i'm meant to be staying. "somewhere in jindabyne" won't be much help when i arrive there on thursday afternoon and no-one else is in sight...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

goddang, gotta love thursdays. well apart from the bein at work bit.

had a catch up game of soccer last night instead of training. being the organised dipshits that we are, we started with 9 players (meant to have 11). as the whistle blew to start, 2 guys walked into the dressing shed to get ready. whatever, we're havin fun. we score within 2 mins. fuck me dead.

2 more players come on, we've got a full team, we slow down a bit, next thing we've got 2 subs. woohoo! we still manage to win though. we played pretty good. i only screwed up about every second time i got the ball, so i thought that was ok. we were playing the local koori lads. despite the completely fucking racist shit their supporters were puking on the sideline, they played pretty fair. hard but fair. a bit more organisation and they'd be very fucking tough. they've got a few real good players, but they don't use them real well. lucky for us.

tonight was over 35's. within the first minute they scored against us. oh well, whatever. 30 seconds later we're laughing like idiots. the goallie isn't totally impressed, but you get that. we play pretty good. i play my usual 50% fuckup rate, run my hole out, sub lots, and have a great time. we even managed to win. woohoo!

40 mins after the game has finished and there's still enough players hanging around drinking to field 2 full teams. an hour later the opposition is gone, i've gotta go or risk dui, but we've still got 10 players there and a few of the opposition as well. we play to win, but we're only there for the beer.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


got paid again, i'm happy about that. spent it all already. less than excited about that.

got a catch up game for soccer tonight. but it's getting cold, and it's gonna be dark, whinge whinge, moan moan, i'm not feeling very enthusiastic to say the least.

but i get home and check the letter box. got a letter from one of my rent-a-kids in chile. it's two pages of writing, but once the world vision translators finish with it, it's about half a page of type. it's nice to hear from her, but now i've gotta get motivated and write back.

around to the back door and i find my motivation. woohoo! a case of blowfly beer, just waiting for me. and some free stickers, and coasters and stuff like that. with a web address (www.blowie.com.au) that doesn't work. oh well. beer...

now to run around like a lunatic at soccer, not get hurt, drink some beers and write a letter or two.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I am 51% White Trash.
Sorta White Trash!
I may have been raised white trash, but I have escaped to find the other side. Even now my white trash traits sneak out, like drinking beer from the bottle at a restaurant.
Take the
White Trash Test
@ FualiDotCom

copied from Dirk becauause i can't think of anything to write today. never been pig huntin neither

Sunday, July 17, 2005

and a good weekend was had by all. not.

a huge night friday night. the best night i've had out for about a month.

you know how little cliquey groups form at parties? well after the happy hour at work we gravitated to the pub, and i bounced from group, to group, to group. had a great time. afterwards some mates of mine had to head over to the train station for the last train home, so i thought i'd go along and hitch a lift. only it turned out there were no wheels involved. we ran. one of my mates was less than 60 seconds from the pub when he collided with a low hanging branch over the path. he was fairly stunned to say the least!

pissed idiots, running home. deja vĂș.

soccer saturday. i'm still sore from thursday night. and we play like idiots and get done. one moron on the opposition has no clue, he gets sent off. hello you idiot. welcome to your side has now only 10 players. so they score another fucking goal. arseholes. we finally get our shit together and score, only for some moron who doesn't understand the offside rule to say we were offside. oh well, shit happens, we score again and lost 2-1.

drive home, shower, collect some dudes for the bucks night down south, and take off after the bus. we're a few hours behind. not that the passengers are worried, they've brought roadies. we get an hour south to find a huge line-up. a multiple car crash, with a fatality and people still trapped, the road is blocked.

well i don't feel too good for the poor people involved. if today's traffic is anything to go by, some fuckwit has caused a crash and disappeared over the fucking horizon. we back up and divert via nerriga. hello 2 hour side trip.

big night, not much sleep, brekkie at the pub, drive home. i'm a shot duck. time for sleep.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

gah! toxic thursday already.

this week is just flying. parents are home from their jaunt. they went up the murray river on a paddle steamer. sounds pretty cool. they reckoned 2 days was about perfect. i'd have to agree, any longer than that just sitting, watching the scenery go past, and i'd go stir crazy.

so now i get to go home and use real internet again instead of poxy dialup.

as soon as i find a free minute to move all my shit that is. maybe tonight, with luck. been at work, flat out, most nights. bleah!

drinkies tomorrow night, soccer saturday, a bucks party down the coast on saturday night, sleep in sunday and recover before driving home.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

still havin fun

i'm sure it's only a matter of time now, but in the meantime...

i've only had more fun than this, and felt higher, than when i was married. i remember being asked what i wanted for a birthday present. there wasn't a damn thing i wanted for, in the whole damned world...

it's unlikely that i reach that level of euphoria again, especially for a prolonged period of time. but i must say. life is GOOD.

i'm drinking beer, seein the kids, got a nice, relaxed relationship, getting back into bike racing, i've got good people around me, both socially and at work. i feel good. my friends all feel good (so i'm not feeling like shit bailing, and people out)

this weekend wasn't particularly exciting, but i liked it. sleep ins. spending time with people. well in my limited ability to spend time with people. i get bored very VERY easily. after about 45 seconds chewing the fat, i'd be equally as comfortable with a small rock. i don't do meaningless chit-chat very well. i like spending time with my kids. but by spending time, i don't mean bungy jumping and helicopter skiing (although that would be totally mad, bring that shit on). i'm all relaxed and stuff if they're just over in the same house, reading their books, kicking the ball around or watching some stupid movie.

i just like hanging with the kids.

it's only a matter of time before my world is too boring and their world hits overdrive. and i know that.

and it's only a matter of time until some noxious shit screws up my world again. i think (as if i'd know, i probably don't) that the most painful things that could possible happen to me in my life, have already happened. shooting me would be less painful than some of it.

so i'm fully resigned to bad shit happening again, but, as yet, it hasn't happened. i'm not waiting for it with baited breath, still feeling bad from the last time it happened. i'm going as hard as i can in the meantime, and living life to the fullest. in fact, i feel i'm not trying hard enough. there's a lotta shit i could still be doing. i could be dead tomorrow, forget the past, live for tomorrow.

NB: forget the past doesn't really mean forget the past. hang on to the memories of your loved ones, cherish and enjoy. but don't stop doing what you do for an instant. you could be joining them at any second. go hard so you've got more stuff to tell them about in valhalla

Thursday, July 07, 2005

one of them meme thingos (from Blondie) to take my mind off my headache..

10 years ago
madly saving up to get married and go on honeymoon. kidlets were tiny, my bike was still running, had a HR holden. the most reliable car i think i've ever owned.

5 years ago
divorced (didn't take long did it), unhappy, bike is broken and i've got a piece of shit commodore. it was the third commodore i owned, in an attempt to have a reliable family car. the first one, a VK, was a complete piece of shit. worse fuel economy, less grunt, and way less reliable than the HR. the second, a VL, was better, but after i spent some money on it getting the aircon fixed and putting on a new head, some miserable arsehole stole it. the third, a VS, was the best of the lot, but i wish i'd kept my damned HR.

1 year ago
playing soccer again, drinking way too much, and generally enjoying the hell outta life. still in debt, don't give a shit. managed to get into another relationship, which didn't work out and then i was down again for another 4-5 months.

still playing soccer, still drinking too much, having a great time. decided i'm gonna stay single forever. oops, oh well, met a nice girl and am keeping things "casual and relaxed".
it'd be nice to cut back on my drinking, get out of debt, buy a house and stuff like that, but i'm too busy enjoying myself to give a shit.

pay off debts, buy motorcycle, fix old motorcycle, buy boat, chase dreams ect ect... (so no set plans really...)

5 snacks i enjoy
toasted vegemite sandwiches, pizza, carrots straight outta the fridge, potato scallops with extra grease, toasted fish sandwich (now i feel hungry!)

5 songs i know all the words to
whip it - devo, um, hound dog - elvis (both cause i got really drunk a few times and did them as karaoke - DOH!) that's probably about it. i know about half of the national anthem as well...

5 reality television shows i watch
um, speedweek, superbikes, motogp, what do you mean they're not reality shows? well in that case, none.

5 television shows i watch daily
i don't watch the idiot box that regularly

5 things i would do with $100,000,000
buy house, bike, boat, car, bike, boat
setup the kids
travel lots
afford the therapy afterwards from drinking too much

5 locations i would love to run away to
turkey, spain, peru, italy, st petersburg

5 things i like doing
surfing, diving, riding round a racetrack, drinking beer, reading a good book

5 things i would never wear
um, moon boots? a pink scuba mask, a tutu, anything pink and/or fluffy

5 recently seen movies i like
mr and mrs smith
down periscope
erik the viking
the goodies
uncle buck

5 famous people i'd like to meet
robin williams, valentino rossi, sharon stone, geoff duke and mike hailwood

5 biggest joys of the moment
beer, scoring a goal, sleeping in, dropping in on a huge wave (ok, a 4-5 foot wave cause i'm a wuss) and doing mach 3 down the straight at eastern creek

it didn't work, still gotta headache...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

our lovely little "drunken idiot problem".

there's this guy, he's as full as a goog, and at the local rsl club tonite he gives another guy a few swipes to the BACK of the head. dunno what his fucking agenda is. but if someone is mad enough at me to swipe me in the back of the head, i reckon i'd have a clue as to what set him off.

but otherwise, i'd probably do exactly do what this dude did, and just report it to the bar staff. i boil slowly. wanna take advantage of me? do it all quickly, i'll be still working out where my arse is while you're making off with the loot. i slow boil.

does it make any difference that the swiper was black and the swipee was white? i have no idea. i got called to heel by one of the older dudes. he thought i was gonna get involved or something. all i did was stand up. it's only a small rsl club, and no-one was watching. so the silly prick didn't get evicted cause they didn't see it. i just avoided the situation. but you feel kinda awkward. it's violence. you don't want to be involved. but you don't want some stupid arsehole with no mother-fucking-clue around people you like if he's half cocked and gonna go off.

fortunately a couple of "brother's WITH a clue" surrounded him. they didn't interfere, just standing guard. if he went off again they would have contained it. i know a few of them, nice guys. they're in between a rock and a hard place. there's no way in the wide world i'll set a bunger off in that little powder keg.

and better than me getting involved i reckon. i don't like getting my head punched in. i'm not much of a fighter. i'll stand up, make an idiot of myself, and lose. dammit. but in this place, where people i know and love frequent, what choice do you have? i'm just glad it was taken care of for me. by the bar staff, and by people who fit in with his peers.

i'm angry enough though to have a go at smashing him. i'm glad i didn't get a chance. if my brother had been there it would have been all different. i've never known anyone else with a natural ability for violence like him (well one, but he doesn't count).

one time (one time, at band camp....) this lad i met once was walking home from one of the pubs here, and some arsehole hit him (as it turned out later, with a piece of wood, on the back of the head, musta screwed up). this dude i know is fairly under the weather, and he doesn't even know what happened. next thing he knows, some stupid lunatic is dancing around in front of him, demanding money, and swiping at him with a bit of wood. next thing he remembers was jumping up and down on the inert body of the attempted mugger. (stupid fuckwit) and thinking that he'd best be off.

natural ability. as opposed to stupid drunken idiocy (which is what i have). but i'm revved up. i figure as long as you don't let them know you can't defend yourself for shit, you have a chance. flail around like a moron and headbutt them about a thousand times. she'll be right, or you'll be unconscious and won't know either way...

never, ever give in. don't even get me started on the wreck of my life in school. i'm so mad about the shit i got delivered at school by cunts and bullies that, given the chance to do it again, i'd probably be put in gaol...

i was told, once (at least once) that my school years were the best of my life. and looking back, i'd see them with regret, and other shit like that. all i can say to those people who told me that is they had no fucking clue. school was torture. the miserable arseholes who tormented me, some, not all, teachers and some students have burned tracks into my behaviour for life. and if ever i am granted the chance of a dark alley and said arseholes....

anyway, school sucked. really really. work is good.

well, a bit of friction at the club, and i'm venting spume and fire. how about that for a character flaw. could be that i've got issues. no wonder then that i'm divorced and holding in resentment and stuff.

i'll probably delete this tomorrow. blogging while drunk, it's not good. gibber gibber gibber

aren't i in a good mood tonight!...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

houseminding for mum and dad, yet again on dialup. bleah! (and while i was just fidgeting i managed to hit the damned snooze button on the keyboard, and the stupid computer turned itself off)

my daughter's soccer tonight, considering they only had 9 players they played very well i thought to win 3-2. if the whole team turned up and they actually turned up at training, they could go alright i reckon :-) well maybe. along one side of the field was a drain, with muddy water in the bottom of it. so naturally that's where they mostly kicked the ball out.

she had a turn in goals as well. which was unfortunate. she has no idea how to play goallie. (well neither do any of them i spose) they all take turns at being goallie for half a game. i'm gonna try and con one of the senior goallies into a little coaching. i was no help, i only know if you get it all right the ball doesn't go in the back of the net...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

ever had one of those kooky days?

soccer today is cancelled, and the people who's house i'm minding, are coming home tomorrow. so i figure i'll take some of my stuff home and get organised.

some background information. two weeks ago i moved into friend's house to mind it for them while they go sailing up the coast. i figure that i'll take my pushbike out to their place and do heaps of exercise while i'm at it. so i borrow my mate's landrover and drive into town to pick it up and bring it back out. it has a few battery problems and i have to roll start it, then i forget about it for the next 2 weeks and don't go bike riding either 'cause it's too wet.

cue today. i figure i'll take my pushbike home (still in the back of the landrover). i jump in, it won't start. flat battery. my mate rings up and asks if i can pick him up when he gets back here, but i'd better use his missus' car, as his has some kind of battery problem. ookkkkaaaayyy.

i figure i'll just jumpstart the fucker, drop off my bike, and be done with it. maybe charge up his battery seein as i'm such a generous sod. so i put work car next to his car, and proceed to jump start it. bonnets up, where's the fucking battery? i figure it's gotta be under the seat or something (lucky guess). the manual is behind the seat, but useless as a teetotaller in a brewery (i just made that one up, pathetic isn't it). so i stuff around and eventually remove the right bits so i can get at the battery and jump it. takes a while though, it's pretty flat. meanwhile i've got a stick on the accelerator of the toymotor so it'll give a tiny bit more zap.

it starts. fuck me dead. undo jumper leads, and go to back the toymotor away and put it somewhere else, and spray mud into the cab of the landrover through the open passenger door. fuck. wipe mud, close door, try again. bogged it better the second time.

move landrover, wash off mud, tow toymotor out of hole. manage not to do anything else stupid for the next 10 minutes. now the landrover has been running for the last 15 minutes while i have a shower. i'll run my bike and other crap home, don't turn off stupid landrover, and then it's time for brekkie. at least it's a diesel. even if the prick of a thing doesn't charge, as long as i don't want anything electrical i should be right. i just hope it's not electronic fuel injection or something like that.

jumper leads are coming with me...

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