Thursday, June 16, 2005

when things go good...

i am on the biggest fucking high. we just played one of the hardest teams in the over 35's soccer comp and beat them. and i scored the best mother-fucking goal of the match and of my life, which isn't that exciting i spose, scored 2 goals now in over 35's, one last year, one this year, and only a handful of goals in summer soccer, but it was a fucking cracker all the same.

usually they sub me into the backs, and occasionally into the halves, but a striker was stuffed and wanted to come off, and the others on the sideline had just come off, so i subbed on as a striker. best i've ever played up front, we created chances, ran around, passed the ball, stuff, then our goalie kicked out the ball. i really hate them high, loopy kicks. i always fuck them up. the bounce beat our other striker and their stopper, and i somehow bounced it over the sweeper and got around him. the biggest, baddest volley (volley's i suck at too) of my fucking life and then the ball was in the corner of the net. i swear it was heading out and it curved in around the keeper. he never had a chance. sweet

my love life is good, finally getting the hand hang of my new job (doh! maybe that means i've got my hand on it...), and now i score a dream goal. i know i won't be on a high forever, it's only a matter of time before my life all fucks up, but while it's working good, i'm riding the crest of the wave!

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