Tuesday, June 28, 2005

what a blast!

we went up again for a ride day at eastern creek. i usually just do pit crew stuff, but last time they talked me into entering as a rider. i haven't ridden a bike on the road for over 5 years, and a motor scooter around the pits at eastern creek isn't much practice either.

there was meant to be 4 different groups, but there weren't enough slow riders to make slow slow, and medium slow groups, so they just put us all into one group, which meant all the groups got a few extra sessions.

i arrived late as i had to pick up some scuba equipment from the apollo distributor in seven hills, and as i got there i was rushed through the registration bit and shoved onto the bike, just in time to do one whole lap before the first session finished.

the next session was too wet so i woosed out. the other did their sessions, but i'm not riding on a wet track with slicks, i'm too much of a woos for that! but fortunately the track dried out a bit for my next session. not enough to really explore my limits (wouldn't get anywhere near the bike's limits) but i had some fun and overtook a few people, and got overtaken by a guy who was a bit "less slow" than me. what a rush!

the next session was wet again, so i woosed out again. and then it dried out a little and i was feeling a little more confident so i went out again. this bike is just so easy to ride. coming out of turn 9 i was feeling a little adventurous so i wound out third and hit fourth, i thought i'd hit neutral, until the back stepped out, the damn thing was spinning. grunt grunt grunt!

i managed to stuff up a bit, scare myself coming into turn 2 and rode around the rest of the turn shitting myself, as stiff as a board. experimented with going fast on the main straight... i have got to get another bike. that is too much fun.

they put some photos of me (and everyone else) on the photographer's website. of course if he was a better photographer, he coulda made it look like i was going really fast and stuff. but i guess there's only so much bullshit you can do with photoshop!

i was in the white group, otherwise known as the slow group :-)

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