Saturday, June 04, 2005

weekends are cool. i like 'em.

i wasn't working this weekend. so i slept in, went over to a sports shop for some new soccer boots. the lad there remembered me being there a few months ago for boots, and wouldn't let me buy any, he wants me to bring in the old ones and maybe he'll exchange them. otherwise i'm not fussed. he always looks after me with sporting equipment (NOT watersports Hooch!). i'll buy another set and have two pairs. i wear the shoes wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, so they will probably wear out quickly.

it's recommended with even normal shoes that you don't wear them two days in a row. one pair of shoes might last you 2 years, but 2 pairs last you 6 years. if they are given time to dry out, and worn on alternate days, they last longer. anyway, sounds good in theory. and i'm full as a goog, you could sell me anything at the moment!

lost soccer 2-1. we just ran out of puff. i felt like i was running through molasses the whole time. but it was fun and i enjoyed myself. a few quiet beers to celebrate our loss afterwards. our keeper had a huge game. best and fairest voted by the team. unfortunately he doesn't go to the pub afterwards so we had to drink his free beers...

party tonight, should be good. but i'll need a nap and a coupla red bulls in the meantime!

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