Friday, June 24, 2005

traction in the mud

soccer last night in the rain and the mud. the ball skipped and skidded, and generally didn't go where we expected it to. so all was pretty normal for me but the rest of the team was less than impressed. we got done 2-1.

i had fun though. kicking and giggling. try to do a sharp turn (because i've run the wrong way or someone has stepped around me with the damn ball) and i end up skidding in the mud. one of their strikers was making a run for the ball and ended up running out of legs and skidding along on his knees. we just looked at each other and laughed. what else can you do?

so afterwards we celebrated with a few beers and sausage sangas. the dinner of kings.

we've got this computer in the building that is connected to all kinds of rain measuring, river height detecting and temperature sensoring type doodads all over the region. it connects to the bureau of meteorology over the intermanet and sends them whatever they want to know so they can get the weather report wrong.

2 days ago the computer broke. so of course it's done nothing but rain since. woops. we've got a new computer for them, but they didn't leave us any installation disks or instructions, so they'll just have to wait until they send down another trained monkey down to reinstall it.

maybe they'll sack me :-) but i'm not too fussed, i just got an email saying i've won the flash fortune draw, all i have to do is send them my bank details and my password and they'll put in the money! woohoo!

the other day someone sent around one of those joke emails about IT support rules. the second one is:

Don't write anything down. Ever. We can play back the error messages from our video recording.

2 hours later one of my techs tells me that someone has just phoned her and told her he's got a problem with his machine. he can't remember what the error message was and got rid of it off his screen, but he was sure she'd be able to work out what the problem was just from him saying his computer was playing up.

i told her she should send him the email.

it's funny. short descriptive error messages, people never write down or remember. but they're quite willing to read out a blue screen full of zeroes and ones that means absolutely nothing to anyone. as though we can decipher binary and as if really matters what was in memory when the stupid thing dropped it's guts anyway.

what were you doing on your machine at the time?

oh nothing much.

anything in particular different to normal?


so we troll through the machine to discover it's got some spyware removal tool, which is actually a large spyware and virus infection. it popped up off the intermanet and told him he was infected, and he should click here to download it.

thank the gods it's friday....

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