Wednesday, June 08, 2005

started a management and leadership course today. everyone else started last week, but i was off in sydney. so they wanted me, and another other guy who missed out last week, to come early. took us about a half an hour to skim the stuff we missed last week.

i learned some things, and got bored by some others. at one stage he said that managing was playing a series of roles, or "acting on the stage of management", which i found amusing at the time. but not as amusing as when he told us that we were role models for our subordinates. i'm pretty sure my team think less of me as a role model, and more of me as a drunken lunatic. he asked me who my role model was. i have absolutely no idea.

i'd like to be as good at some stuff as my predecessor. he was pretty good i reckon. but i'm also a lot more laid back than he was. it's a learning experience though. the team is learning to cringe when they see me coming, cause they know i'm gonna drop some bombshell piece of shit on them. and it happens too often. i'd like a whole lot less panic and knee-jerk-react, and a whole lot more planned stuff. it's a lot less stressful that way.

apparently our lecturer comes from holland, and he has a bit of an accent. the comment of the day was when he told someone he was "barking up the tree with the wrong paddle". i'm sure even the king of screwed metaphors, ronald reagan, would be spinning in his grave at that one.

soccer training, running around in the fog, sweating like crazy, having lots of fun. i went hard tonight cause i've got a few days off soccer now. a bye on thursday night, i'm probably (hopefully) missing training on friday night, we've got a bye on saturday and then we play on monday. i'll either be fit as a fiddle, and raring to go, or i'll need retraining.

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