Thursday, June 02, 2005

over 35's soccer tonight. a wee bit chilly though. not as bad as when i was a kid doin soccer training in goulburn, but cold all the same.

we played some good soccer, some ordinary soccer, and then we played a whole bunch of shit :-) but you get that. after the game the beers were cold, showers were hot, and sausage sangas were free.

i copped a beauty though in the second half. running one way, keeping up with the guy i was marking, and i ran into another guy, nose first, straight into his head. i thought i'd broken it for sure, and then i thought it was gonna bleed. it's still sore. it's a big effort not to keep fiddling with it (my nose!) cause it feels funny.

the rest of my day was crap, and knee jerk stuff. screw it all. termorrer is gonna be worse though. breathe in, breathe out, go hard, survive...

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