Wednesday, June 01, 2005

inane shit for a wednesday

learning more about microwave radios and cisco routers was interesting. so hopefully when we install them i won't meltdown into a gibbering heap on the floor.

playing with the demo blackberry was fun. reading and replying to email whilst bored in the car, going through sydney traffic, and browsing the web, well the little browsing you can do through a 4cm by 3cm screen.

a few dramas cropped up at work whilst i was gone, but those that i couldn't deal with remotely, the guys managed to deal with. they're getting more resourceful, which is good, but more stressed, which is bad. i'm workin on it.

got home about the time that soccer training was starting, i'm coming down with the flu, and i think that soccer training, in the cold, is a bad idea when i need to be at work for the next 2 days. so i rocked up, made me apologies, said i'd be there for friday training, and pissed off. apparently, whilst me and me bro were in sidney movin house, we only had nine players and we got flogged. oops

life has, again, hit full throttle. but that's cool. ain't dead yet

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