Sunday, June 26, 2005

i love weekends. admittedly i spent a bit of time at work this weekend. but you get that.

soccer on saturday was fun. more fun in the mud. but we played well and won the game. after the game the opposition was a lot more organised than us. beer :-) but i thought we'd got something organised at the pub. turns out we didn't have anything organised after fuck it. next time i'll organise it.

i told the kids i couldn't have them saturday night because there was a soccer do.

so had a few beers at the pub and went and did some cultural stuff, watched a theatre thingy called "the world goes round". completely out of character i know. we kept bumping into people who asked me what i was doing there. we just told them that we were all cultured and stuff. it was fun.

drinkies afterwards then sleep in today. another brief work visit to check up on the patient, but all is good, the newborn is kicking and squealing. checked the backups, then, in response to an sms from my brother telling me the superbikes were on, i decided i'd had enough work for one weekend and took off. unfortunately it wasn't the full coverage of the race but some kind of summary crap. bastards.

i wonder if pay tv covers all the local superbike and world superbike rounds. if they did that would nearly sway me into gettin it. otherwise, 40 channels, and nothin on? not a chance. unfortunately i don't have my playstation here either, i got a new game called v8 supercars. i'm hoping it has an eastern creek race in it, tuesday is the big day. and unless it's raining i'm gonna be going and having some fun. if it's raining i don't feel like risking my friend's racebike, so i'll just write off the entry fee and get pissed.

all in all, it's been a good weekend. sleep ins, some extra overtime money, getting cultured, and now church. gotta love it :-)

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