Sunday, June 05, 2005

i don't remember the last cocktail party i went to. but i certainly will remember last night's for a long time. gotta find the diary and put it in.

after a big friday night, losing soccer and celebrating afterwards, i had a little nap to recover then met up with some friends at a pub before going to the cocktail party. watched the rabbits draw with the doggies, great game.

so i went to the party, and after a few cocktails i sms'd a mate of mine to "bring beer" as my wobbly boots were taking on a life of their own. true to form he came through and after a few more cocktails, i was flying. had a pina colada, daquiri, manhattan (a little strong for me) and two other ones that i don't remember and can't spell. towards the end of the night they were getting a bit strong.

so we're sitting round the fire, spinning shit, and generally having a great time. the theme for the party was formal - st vinnies. there was this one girl wearing a red dress, she said she wore it because she thought it would be suitably tacky. hehehe it wasn't. i felt like a puppet on a string, every time she moved, it caught the corner of my eye, and i swivveled round to watch. and got caught. somehow the general discussion ended up talking about bra sizes.

i said that guys like breasts, but aren't generally fussed over size, one girl disagreed, she reckoned it was like penis sizes, and that boys talked about that all the time. i must live under a rock, i don't talk about dick sizes, nor does it interest me in the slightest.

and then this girl in the red dress stood up, adjusted her bra, and sat down. i don't think she meant to short circuit my brain, but that's what kinda happened. after that i was looking for excuses to get her to "adjust herself". "one is looking lower than the other" i sez, or "it's been 5 minutes, don't you think you should adjust yourself?" and generally having a great time having my head messed with. next thing i know it's 3:30am and time to go home.

what a great party. alcohol, jokes, a cute girl in a red dress. can life get any better than this?

by jingo, by crikey,
by golly, by gum.
i'm dribbling shit,
but i'm havin a shitload of fun

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