Wednesday, June 15, 2005


friends of mine from work have organised a trip up to watch the state of origin this arvo in sydney, so i've taken a flexi. whether i take 2 hours or the whole day, it's still counted as a flexi, so i figured i might as well have the whole day.

so i drop into work to drop the car off this morning. i'm in the carpark, getting a lift home, when the boss rings. "the internet is down". fuck fuck fuck.

scramble around checking stuff for about 30 mins, restarting bits and pieces of the network, until at last we find the broken bit, one of the techs had hinted at it, but in the confusion (and with the boss standing over me) i hadn't paid him enough attention. that'll learn me.

finally i escape. now to get some stuff done then catch my lift on the booze bus up to sydney :-)

'carn you mighty blues!

(the only problem is people are sitting there going "look at X go" and "did you see how Z did that 'insert suitable football term here' and got past!" and i have no idea what they're talking about it. i like watching the game, well occasionally, when there's beer, but i have no idea who is on which team. i have only a half arsed idea about the rules, and any time i say something definite or authorative, i am completely wrong)

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