Friday, June 03, 2005

ever had one of them nights? one of those really cool nights.

i'm walking home from the pub, and i know i've been at the pub, and it's taken me 5 mins to work out where i was before that.

friday arvos. it's poets day. so after work we're up at a pub havin a few muscle relaxants. eventually only 4 of us are left. a beer or two later, and we end up at what i'd thought was a furniture shop, but is now some kind of pizza joint, that serves beer. how cool is that. and the pizzas were JUST. FUCKING. AWESOME. or maybe i was just pissed. you get that.

time to go, so i'm thinking of the long walk home. the one sober person offers everyone lifts home. woohoo! so we're nearly home, but we're going past the pub i live near. the one that sponsers our soccer team. got a ticket for a free beer here. might stop by, drink a beer, and see if any of the lads are in evidence.

i run into a lad i know. Taff. he is built like a brick shithouse. one time i'm out surfing and it's a bit over 7 foot, and i'm freaking, Taff paddles past and says "what the fuck are you doin out here?!" i'm kinda askin myself the same thing. so he gives me some advice on how to get in, and pisses off to smash a few more waves. we used to have this night club with psycho bouncers. they bounced a few people and made a bit of a reputation for themselves as bad bastards. Taff got banned for smashing the shit out of one of them one night when they tried it on him.

anyway, back to my real story. i drop in the pub and there's Taff, havin a beer with the publican.
"hey dude, long time no see! " i sez. been a bit between drinkies for us. and he says, "Come with me, I'm gettin ya a beer". i'm trying to be all cool and stuff, but it's obvious something is goin on, so he drags me out the other side of the bar and fuck my black duck if his brother isn't there. haven't seen him in over 10 years.

he's the maddest of the mad, and the coolest of the cool. i've seen him paddle out into 5 metre surf. and not at some cool reef break, but here at a toxic beach break. got a few waves, got drilled by the 4 foot thick lip of a wave, held underwater for about half an hour, then paddled in. he taught me to surf, mostly by listening to whatever stupid shit i'd been doin, and then telling what i did wrong.

he's the example of what an adventure life is. worked everywhere, done everything. now working on an oil platform in the timor sea. and on his days off surfing more and better than ever before, near some place called palm beach in qld. i don't even know where the fuck that is...

catching up with him tonight,

words do not express.

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