Thursday, June 09, 2005

bein old, an excuse to be crabby.

just had some old duffer goin off at me. sure, he had a point, but get some people skills you old grump.

when i occasionally drop in on the folks on the way home, i usually park on the wrong side of the road. it's no big deal. once (ok when i was a lot younger) the coppers dropped in to deliver a warning to whoever had spun the wheels and made a huge noise at the bottom of the street. they didn't give a shit that he'd left the car parked on the wrong side of the road, just delivered the warning to stop annoying the neighbours and pissed off.

so i rock out from mum and dad's, jump in the chariot, and start the car and turn on the lights. a car comes around the corner, weaves around a bit, and flashes their high beam. i figured they must know me, so i wind down the passenger window, only to have this stupid old bastard start berating me for parking on the wrong side of the road and havin me high beams on.

if he'd said, for example, do you realise your high beams are on? i'd have said no, they aren't, the lights must be badly adjusted. i'll have them checked forthwith, by jingo, thanks for the heads up.

but he arc-ed up like a mutant fool looking for a fight so i told the stupid old fucker to grow up, wound the window up and drove off.

heh, makes you wonder what young old people are coming to these days. didn't get young old people like that when i was a young lad...

in other news, today didn't turn out too bad, for a toxic thursday. don't reckon i'm getting the hang of thursdays, but apart from some noxious old arsehole, i had a reasonable day. perhaps i should turn up for work sober on thursdays more often :-)

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