Monday, June 13, 2005

another long weekend disappears into drunken past...

i've enjoyed my long weekend though. had a date on friday night, it was nice, and she invited me to another on sunday, which was fun as well.

had the kids saturday night and sunday, the dinner party sunday night, then soccer today.

we played like shit, and we got rolled. 3-0. there's not much else you can say. the ref was ok, a bit over eager to blow the whistle, and one of the goals wasn't a goal, but, when it all comes down to it, twice they put the ball into the net, and we didn't. end of story. but we acted like the biggest bunch of losers. whinging and carrying on. one guy is off for the rest of the year for punching and head-butting. others just went on and on and on likei have no idea what.

once the ref blows his whistle, he's made up his mind, whinging and carrying on makes no difference. if the ref has not yet blown his whistle, don't fucking stop and start complaining, look, there goes the opposition, and he's still got the fucking ball.

we had moments of brilliance, separated by large areas of cluelessness and incompetence. team spirit, without it, we have nothing. the coach has the sulks, as do some of our star players. they thought it would be as much fun as summer soccer, and it should have been, but they are sulking too much instead of just playing and having fun.

next weekend is going to be the crux i think

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