Saturday, June 11, 2005

another chaotic day in the life of a...

saturday morning i wake up. so far so good. i'm on time. get in the car, drive to kiama, pour concrete. no worries. oh shit, car is over town. damn.

i get a lift over to the crap-mobile and a few stops later, including a mc-rubbish-breakfast, i'm on the way. two hash browns and an orange juice. then i remember it's a long weekend. and the traffic is crap.

somehow, my zen attitude to timing (or maybe it's just my "don't really give a shit" attitude to timing) gets me to my mate's place about an hour late, but just in time for an "after grog bog", and then the cement truck turns up. perfect timing. saturday mornings are not a time of rush...

anyway, pour concrete, carry rocks, wash barrows, carry rocks, shovel concrete. the other's think my back is playing up because i'm not doing much. it's a case of too many cooks, and not enough kitchen. let me know what you want dudes, and you'll get it. oh, you want the trowel, would that be the trowel under your left foot? don't panic Mr Mainwaring (dad's army quote). hang around like extra bicycle wheel, eat food, piss off.

so it's me and the gremlins now. watched a few movies, had home-delivery pizza, bored them shitless with crappy advice. poor little buggers. the best advice i can give them is that life is pretty wierd. enjoy the good bits, for as long as you can. it'll all go pear shaped one day. so enjoy it while you can.

termorrer is watching wog-ball, a dinner party (at which i hope to avoid embarrasing myself) and lotsa sleep.

"could his life be any more boring" says you

"hell yeah :-)", i replies. "it's an old curse. may you be cursed to live in interesting times".

so, until i'm ready (financially) to travel the world again, boring is good.

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