Thursday, May 12, 2005

yet more boring drivel about being old and playing sport...

after training last night, my quads have been killing me all day. and i was starving after work, so i got some junk food. so i knew i wasn't gonna be in the best condition tonight. if i eat before playing, for some reason i slow right up and my endurance (limited as it is) drops off as well.

fortunately i'm just a numbers guy, they don't want me for my skill or speed or endurance anyway. i may be the youngest on the team, but my main contribution to the team, apart from drinking the beer and laughing at the jokes, is making sure we have a full team.

at half time we're 1-1. over 35's is usually fairly easy going. we play hard but fair. but this stupid prick i was playing against for a bit of the game is a fucking loony tune. he thumped me once in the head (dunno if it was an accident or what as i was lookin the other way), then dived at someone's feet and slid sideways, rolling at him. what. the. fuck. are. you. on. you stupid prick. i think the only reason the ref didn't blow the whistle for dangerous play was because he couldn't believe anyone could be so fucking stupid. and we ended up with the ball anyway. fucking wierd.

then i think he wanted to be my boyfriend. everytime i was near him running for the ball he was grabbing me and pushing me and stuff. fortunately he played even worse than me.

at half time everyone is talking about the game. which is a little unusual. so i say to the sweeper (i spose he's the captain, but we don't really have a captain, we just all yell at each other...) what's goin on with the team talk? what did you get upto on the weekend?

the first game i played with these guys someone starting going on about soccer at half time, and this dude (sweeper) has said "fuck that, who wants to talk about soccer? who got a root on the weekend?" we went on to play an inspired second half and win the game

anyway, so tonight he says "well, i backed a winner, but i didn't get a root". someone else said that was just like every weekend, and he said no it wasn't, he doesn't usually back a winner. it kinda went downhill after that. much more like our usual halftime chat.

by the end of the game the clueless fuck that was trying to get friendly with me, managed to foul someone in the 18 yard box, giving away a penalty. their keeper stopped it (which was fairly impressive) and then, not wanting to stop on that, he tried to foul someone else and took his own stupid self out.

we won 2-1. but i reckon we outplayed them, especially when i was on the sideline, and not on the field screwing stuff up. last time we played this team i made sure i showered first so i could relax and enjoy a beer, but they ran out of beer. so i said screw that, tonight i'm getting a beer. about 30 mins later, we all had a beer, had a shower, and had another beer, and almost all the other team had left. almost all our team was still there. must be the secret of our success :-) screw training and skills and stuff. we laugh at each other's stuffups, drink, joke, and generally have a fucking fun time.

i'm glad i'm an old prick. i like playing on weekends, but this is awesome fun.

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