Monday, May 23, 2005


a coupla weeks ago. wasn't paying any attention to the particular date, something reminded me of a book i read once. it's a book by an american soldier. and despite the contempt we hold american soldiers, i really enjoyed this book. a thinking soldier who would learn from anyone.

about face the review is crap though. maybe it appeals to the north american public. fuck knows.

in vietnam, after serving in world war two and others, he learned from the vietnamese, and then the australians, earned criticism and fire from above (when they found out) by sending his officers to serve with our grunts. and was very successful

so tonight i remembered again and decided i'd find this book, probably on amazon.com. where else? the usual search shit wasn't working so i rang my friend who i borrowed it off and we yacked for a bit. finally got online for a sticky-beak and found it.

goddamn if he didn't die on may the 5th. dunno even what day of the week that was. i'm sure it wasn't the day i was thinking about his book and that i wanted to read it again, and sure, he was 74, so i guess he wasn't surprised, but i hadn't read this book in 10 years, but bits of it kinda came back and burned their way in, if you know what i mean.

consult calendar, it was a thursday, no way was i thinking war shit on a thursday. soccer on thursdays :-) stupid conversation topics are on sundays at mum and dad's.

i kinda thought that was wierd though. but life is full of wierd coincidences. i didn't cry though. unlike when i found out that John Candy had died.

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