Friday, May 20, 2005

poets day again.

finally friday is over, accomplished nuthin. all to do again next week. fuck it

coupla beers after work with some workmates to celebrate the end of the week. it's a good tradition. then off to soccer training.

i figure seeing as we're playing tomorrow, i don't wanna train hard. so a 2 beer handicap isn't a bad thing. a reasonable turnout, work up a sweat, and we're all looking forward to tomorrow. should be fun.

couple more beers watching the blues brothers. a classic movie. fair dinkum.

avagoodweekend crazy people

ps: and i had a few beers over at mum's, they were talking about haircuts and bein bald and stuff. i said i don't do bald, it's not a pretty look. got a lumpy ugly skull. so mum started going on about how if you shaved your head it didn't matter what you looked like as long as you were good on the inside (this from a person who used to tell me to pull my socks up and look presentable) so i said well in that case, it's ok if i have a purple mohawk...

next thing we're talking about double mohawks and stuff, and i couldna resist it, had to tell the joke.

there's this old geezer, and a young bloke with, as fate would have it, a multi-coloured mohawk. the old geezer is staring at the young bloke.

finally the young bloke gets the shits and says "weren't you ever young and did something stupid?"

the old geezer looks at him and says "yeah"

"fucked a parrot once, i was wondering if you were my son"

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