Sunday, May 08, 2005

news in brief

party was good. ended up playing boche until about 2:00am. and for the first time i slept inside my friend's house instead of waking up at 5:00am on the lawn.

left divots all over his lawn, because we thought it would be more fun to chuck the boche balls from the second level of his house. hehehe

the theme of the party was travel. so i turned up with some turkish gear on, and a turkish pide from the hot chili food house. bloody lovely. only who'd a thought someone else would be wearing a fez! bastard!

and this rotten woman wore a french maid's outfit. it didn't help either that she was drop dead gorgeous. you shouldn't perve on another guy's missus, so i'm trying to behave. but she kept moving. everytime that black satin type dress moved it just screamed at me "woohoo!" and then she's wriggling her shoulders at her mates, hamming it up. fortunately she got changed before i started drooling.

round to mum's for a bit of backyard soccer, watching the v8's and a bit of wog ball as well on the telly. and liverpool is in to the semis! woohoo! ambrose and skaife had a coming together on the first corner of the race i watched. skaife ended up stranded in the kitty litter. not a happy camper. ok, it's a good safety feature for the cars, but it fucked him up for that race big time. i reckon he's sticking pins in his marcus ambrose voodoo doll tonight.

i still hate the kitty litter though. i will curse it everytime i see it on a track where bikes race until the gods of racing smite the arseholes who leave it there instead of lovely slick grass that you can slide and slide on. mother fuckers

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