Tuesday, May 17, 2005

murphy's law

nothing exciting to report. a blackout at work today. and with typical "murphy's law" timing, one of our machines blew up.

ordinarily it would have just been annoying. i had to rebuild it from a backup, which was 8 months old. the backups of this particular box hadn't been working. and the job i was working on, at the very moment, was checking up on, and reorganising, the backups of this particular group of machines. another 30 mins and i'd have found that it wasn't backing up, backed it up, and it would still have been annoying, but a lot less.

so i rebuild it, 8 months old, and dig out some documentation that would bring it back to how it was about a month ago. turns out the boss is fiddling with the fucking thing a couple of times a week. but never bothered telling me. thankyou very little.

another day without a lunch break, stressing over broken shit. and yet another day when our it department looks like a couple of monkeys fucking a football.

however it's not that bad. only affecting mail coming in and out from the net, and anyone trying to browse our websites. we'll have to really outdo ourselves to beat our biggest fuckup. i won't rehash it except to say that if you are ever looking at a document management system, steer clear of tower software's trim. it's a pile of stinking offall. and should you ever wish to integrate it with microsuck word, you can buy some software called "easydocs" from shedsoft. should be called shitsoft.

one of the people from our records department, who use this software the most, throught the guy who wrote it was an ok guy, and he just had a little trouble. my poor little stressed out techs would have gladly stabbed the prick with a screwdriver. i had to apologise to everyone one day because i was walking up to the security door and i let the stupid fuck in.

we're at this meeting, talking about the latest (broken) version of this shitty software, when one of the records people said that we couldn't get any more help (and i use that term extremely loosely) from him, as he'd taken a job somewhere in canberra, and wasn't contracting anymore. i asked if we'd written a glowing reference to get rid of the stupid prick. which went down like a lead balloon, but i think they started to get the point.

i've fucked up a few things in my time, broken a few computers, and generally been an IT nazi. i've not broken as much stuff as my boss, but there's still time. anyway, despite how much stuff i've screwed up, and how big a bunch of nazis we are, this software is the single most embarrassing, stressful pile of fetid toxic waste we have ever installed. compared to this shit microsuck looks like lassie the fucking wonder dog, danger mouse and luke fucking skywalker all rolled into one.

anyway, now that i've had my "wonder sulk". tomorrow is another day. hump day. gotta pick one of my stressed out victims and get them to make a better way of backing up and restoring this shit. something very fast. then gotta look at some more battery backup units.

poor buggers are starting to revolt. we're getting there but they're getting stressed out on the way.

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