Tuesday, May 10, 2005

mellow shmellow

was gonna sleep all day. but at 8:15-ish (i was awake anyway unfortunately) one of my guys rang up to say he had to take the day off. in a moment of weakness i figured that we don't have enough people at work, so i drag my sorry self outta bed and rock on to work.

probly shouldna. didn't accomplish much. i'm aiming at friday off now. so i've got 2 days to really work some magic.

there's this "inspirational" poster up at work. turns out it's a thought of the general manager. it totally sucks. it's got a pageload of lovely little sayings like "i can't do that", but you have to convert it into "i enjoy a challenge" and then the afterwards is "i achieved so much sucky shit" or something like that.

pity it didn't also say that too much of "i can do that" turns you into a freaked out stress puppy with no social life doin extra hours trying to achieve psycho goals you agreed to when you were on a burst of feel good shit from some arsehole poster left over my fucking dilbert cartoon of the day. my boss kinda agreed, he's a stress puppy. taken on too much, hasn't learned how to tell people to get fucked yet.

i don't care if it comes from a god. (i'm not picky, pick a god) here's the parameters. we're working on it, it's a fucking difficult job. don't like it? here's the expensive solution that will probably be cheaper and easier in the long run.

gah! i was chillin listenin to gorillaz - feel good inc. nice bass. now i'm thinking about work. how screwed is that!

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