Thursday, May 05, 2005

just another shitty day in paradise.

work sucks. like really really sucks. things are tough, and they aren't going to get easier in the short term. and if i get this dumb job, it'll still be hard but perhaps it won't take so long to replace me, and we'll be back up to full strength fairly soon.

i'm having mixed success at work. some of my guys are doing the hard yards, and with only a little prodding, achieving success. i like to think that by giving them the room to achieve this time, they will continue to do so. one of my high achievers is going on leave, so she doesn't need much in the way of a reward except for me to handle things well that i've promised to (and busted my arse to). my other high achiever i've rewarded with the chance to play with a blackberry. admittedly he has to setup the software on one of our servers and setup the other 3 for some test users in the organisation. (sorry for the telstra plug, but it's cdma and they've got the whole setup tied up at the moment)

but it's a pretty cool project, i wanted to do it myself. but i need to get it done so i can do my uber-geek project. plus i wanted to hand him a fun job.

my other guys are working hard. they've got hard projects, and shitty workloads, just like the other 2. but i can't load them up with anything new just yet. which is a pity. cause i've got a lot of dominoes lined up that need to be pushed over...

anyway. thursday was a big fat piece of shit.

so i knockoff at about 5. it's only an hour past my usual knockoff, so i should be happy. go home, get some stuff done. a banana, gatorade and redbull for dinner. over 35's soccer tonight. we have a great game. play the best we've done so far this season i reckon.

of course it helped heaps the amount of substitutes we had. we played pretty strong last week, but less subs and a few injured players running around didn't help.

and afterwards, we're giggling like idiots, drinking a few tooheys new after the game. (i shoulda done the official website, but it just cracked me up that someone rated a beer by what frikken foods it goes with! beer IS a food)

anyway. the ultimate stress relief. i couldn't give a flying fuck what happens at work. tomorrow i can go back to being a stress puppy, worrying about all sorts of shit, and having surprise, mother-fucking, rush jobs dumped on me, that we didn't fucking budget for. oh fucking goody.

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