Monday, May 09, 2005

i hate mondays. i was soo tempted just to stay in bed and not go to work.

so anyway. i'm at work, plodding along, and the boss comes up to my desk and says casually that his calendar just told him that i was on a flex today.

fuck fuck fucking fuck. (where's your cousin. fucking?)

so i'm awake and i'm at work. no point going home now. drag myself through the rest of the day. accomplish a little bit. look at the calendar. can't take a flex thursday cause i've got a meeting with a rep, plus lunch at the pub. friday is out because i'm covering the helpdesk for one of my high achievers. in any case it's friday the 13th. i'm doing nothing out of the ordinary and hoping i don't get hit by lightning. wednesday is some other shit, so tuesday i'll stay home, sleep all day, do some chores, and wish to the gods of skiing that i win lotto.

i'm sure people wonder how i can be such a clueless bastard.

only partially connected with reality. permanently connected to a case of beer, my kids and watersports. hmmm, i think that can be my motto :-)

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