Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i get the distinct impression that i'm at a turning point of my life.

past relationships are gone. i've always known that, but knowing it and feeling it are two different things. and i'm a creature of emotion. at this moment, i feel that i've finally crested the summit and i'm on the other side.

job interview monday, the chance to make some changes, move some wheels and have some fun.

the trick, the real trick, is to not stress out too much and somehow make sure i still have a shitload of fun. gonna be a challenge. we shall see.

i amaze myself sometimes with the shit i reveal on here. but then i look inside, and there's a lot of stuff i keep hidden. unfortunately too many people that i know have, due to carelessness by myself, picked up on it. don't wanna get dooced, nor do i wanna share any dark shit with people that i know. it's very cathartic releasing inner demons here, but that could easily change to, errr, catastrophic (looking for another "c" word). but life's like that. always looking for balance.

no matter where you go, there you are (meaningless end phrase that just sprang to mind)

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