Wednesday, May 11, 2005

humpday. hooyaa. mumble mumble...

i just walked past the telly. they are doing some kind of "happy days" 30 years after the show or something. not watching it though. i've just finished soccer training. i don't need any more reminders of how old i am.

so i finished my book instead. one of my favourite authors, terry pratchett. more fun evading reality in a book than a crappy old telly show. even though i keep going out and looking at it, just for a lil bit.

now my sister, who has been watching it heaps, has been filling my head with stories. apparently the happy days cast and crew used to tour as a sort of social softball team. and do embarrassingly well.

enough happy days. it's just scarey. besides if i hurry up and finish i can go watch some more.

another day with another few kooky things going wrong at awkward times. unfortunately it's time to load up the crew with a few more projects. they aren't going to like that. so i'm gonna try and impress them with the big picture. which unfortunately doesn't end up with us all lounging around getting fed grapes by cute chicks with fans, but will be a little less chaotic anyway.

i'm having a meltdown moment. i just hope i can remember all the things which keep leaking out my ears, and not _actually_ meltdown. gibber gibber

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