Saturday, May 21, 2005

a grand day.

saturday is definitely my favourite day. for starters, if i'm not working, i get a sleep in.

monday is interview day, and despite not really giving a shit about winning or losing, the stress is starting to build. bought some new dacks, a shirt which i hate already, and a new tie. actually i don't like the trousers either. they're fucking ridiculous, i'm standing in front of the mirror trying to adjust myself so you can't see my dick. i'm gonna have to wear shorts underneath!

well my dad says it pays to advertise, but i'm not that forward.

anyway. bought some new clobber for the interview, and a pressie for my son. it's my dad's birthday party tomorrow, but seeing as it was my son's birthday a few days before, he gets two parties, one at his mum's and one here. i don't mind spoiling them. they're old enough now that it doesn't matter and they know they're important.

and yet again i find i've been telling everyone he's a year older than he is. woops.

played soccer, a 2 all draw. a fun game for me. but seeing as i hadn't played on thursday, i was all hyped up and by the end of the game i didn't get to play enough. usually i'm exhausted and happy. today, still happy, but wishing i'd played in the halves instead of the backs, i need more running. i like interchange. you don't have to pace yourself, you just run around like and idiot, then sub off. but in the backs i don't get tired, i sub off to give the others a go.

our opposition played better than the last time we played them, but so did we. they had about 4 shots, and scored twice, we had about 500 shots, and scored twice. heh. well i laughed. we've got a lot to learn. our few quality players are easily frustrated by the rest of us, but you get that.

sport, i love it. wouldn't be dead for quids. i've finally worked out how to enjoy it, so i'm enjoying it as much as i can

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