Sunday, May 29, 2005

damn, another weekend comes to an end. pissed as a fart, and the mp3's are finding the upper limit of my shitty computer speakers.

it's been a a big weekend. moved one of my mates from kellyville to oathlands (in sydney). had i not been there, i still wouldn't know where either place is. and now, i reckon we've moved from the north-western bit of sydney to the central to eastern, northern bit. hope that makes sense. cause it sure doesn't to me

so anyways, me and me brother are (as usual) team pig. we be the pit crew that does it all. in this case we're moving heavy shit into and out of the 6 ton box on wheels we've hired. saturday was a big day. we busted our arses, then pizza with beer for afters (dinner of kings). in the morning our mate who's moving house, has driven off at 6:30am. keh??

so me and me bro drag our sorry arses out of bed, and chase after. we thought he had to have the truck back by 8:00, but really it was 9:20. but no matter. in anycase we need to be there, loaded and unloaded and returned just in time.

story of my life, always just in time. so i've given up stressing about it. just go hard.

during the drive time (always time for bullshit) we're all nattering about shit. and now i've made myself the 3rd fucking "team pig" rider. admittedly, our no.1 rider is practicing for stardom, and our second rider is just in it for the rush, as am i, but now the rotten bastards are gonna put me on their damn $8000 trackbike, with slicks. on one hand i don't wanna fuckup, on the other hand, slicks are very scarey, but on the other, very very fast.

as usual driving through Suddenly (sydney) i'm impressed with the large amount of people who aren't looking out the front window of their cars. how can you all be so switched off? this arvo i felt close. sleep deprivation helped though, but a coupla red-bulls and a major fear of screwing up helped.

so anyway, some stupid song comes on the radio. and it was particularly crap this weekend. usually you can rely on siddley radio for some cool stuff, but this weekend it was all crap. and on comes run DMC vs aerosmith - walk this way.

i don't mind some rap. a lot of it is crap, but run dmc is ok. so now i'm downloading the damn video clip

blah blah blah, sorry my bad

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