Tuesday, May 03, 2005

another toxic day in the salt mines.

i saw the funniest show on telly last night. unusually for me i was perched in front of the telly, trying to read my book, when fat pizza came on!

they were in napoli, the bethlehem of pizzas, looking for a pizza joint called "brandis". supposedly the birthplace of pizzas. dunno how true that is, i'll google it later. but it was fully sick mate

then on came this john safran versus god. he is one funny prick. he went to some zen buddhist joint and some monk belted the shit out of him with the discipline paddles for fidgeting while he was meant to be meditating.

anyway, i thought it was funny. i'll have to turn on the telly next monday and see if fat pizza is on and maybe check out this john safran if he's on again.

soccer for the daughter tonight. between picking her up, driving to the game, driving her home and driving me home, i've done about 160km tonight. time for a beer and a pass out. (after googling pizzas in napoli that is...)

humpday tomorrow. gotta be better than today...

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