Monday, April 04, 2005

yet another hangover monday

would you believe it? it's frikken april already. at least if the water cools down maybe the stupid jelly blubbers in the river will die and go away. or something.

i've been indulging in retail therapy again. probably not the best course of action for someone trying to pay off their visa card so they can buy a boat and a bike and a house. oh well. the secret spot looked like a lot of fun to me. (make sure you move your mouse over the picture in the middle, it's groovy baby)

i just watched andy mapple's slalom dvd. i was hoping for more footage of slalom and less yacking. but i guess it'd be helpful for people who have a clue. oh well. one day maybe i'll have a clue. (if i hang out in a field of horny clues, smear myself with clue juice and do the clue dance)

he promotes ski paradise, a ski resort in acapulco. it looked quite inviting until i saw the price. nearly $2000 american for a week. oh well. might go to stoney park instead. still looks like a lot of fun. and it's not like i'm gonna be good enough to make a career out of pro skiing. damn, i wish i'd thought of that when i was younger though!

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