Saturday, April 16, 2005

wouldn't be dead for quids

i'm havin fun. a bit of a drinkie with some friends after work, actually rather a lot of drinkies. so i wasn't feeling so good for the game today. but shit happens.

brekkie was a banana, gatorade and redbull. went for a bike ride to try and work out some of the tight spots from thursday night, felt pretty bad after that. went for a bit of a warm up run at the game, felt pretty bad after that too. kicking the ball around, running with the guys, you guessed it, not doin so good.

maybe it's just the adrenalin. ok, we lost 3-2. played like shit at the start and payed for it. 2-0 at half time, but we finally started to play like a team. second half was a lot better and had a lot of fun. at the end of the game i'd managed to kick someone in the sprigs (bottom of the boot) and was a little sore, but i'm grinning like an idiot and having a great time. then a few drinkies at our sponsers pub. (of course we're sponsored by a pub!)

weather permitting, it's skiing tomorrow! yay! watching dvd's with the grommets, hanging out for a ski on my new toy :-)

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