Saturday, April 09, 2005

woohoo it's the weekend

so i'm driving up to sydney and i'm checking out all the traffic coming the other way. then, when i'm yacking to a mate of mine on the phone, he reminds me it's school holidays. oh, that explains that.

i'm glad i'm not goin the other way. as usual, it's banked up all through the albion park bends.

managed to find the rockdale waterski warehouse and pick up the ski, then i looked at the map and tried to work out how to get to kellyville. i end up going up and down a few wrong streets, getting in a right turn lane and changing my mind and going straight (fucking tourist, go home! well that's what we say down here when out of towners do that). across the M5. (the M stands for Mostly stationary) then up the cumberland highway.

anyway, i manage to arrive at my friend's house, with only 1 u-bolt, two jumped gutters, and accidently went into 1 multi storey parking thingy by mistake. my mate told me i'd gone the wrong way, shoulda gone up number 1, over the bridge or under the tunnel, then gone along number 2. much quicker. oh well. shit happens.

so i'm up at sparrow's fart this morning, with this terrible dream about screaming kids. oh yeah, i'm at my mate's house. those are screaming kids. and i jump in the crapmobile to drive home for soccer.

cruising along listening to the radio. when someone speaks, i change the channel. i want music. fuck breakfast radio. anyway they're a lot better than the losers we get on the radio down here. but some channel (104.1? triple M maybe?) starts going on about the big pommy royal wedding. they interview some person with a pommy accent pretending to be one of those pricks who spend their whole lives worrying about what the royals get upto. he reckons the wedding is gonna be pretty low key, just charles and gorrilla parker, and some old bloke in out of the rain (the arch bishop of canterbury). there was more, and it was fucking funny, but i can't repeat it. cause i'm so good at screwing up jokes. take my word for it.

start traffic rant here

holiday traffic, gotta love it. some loser was driving along at about 75 in a 100 zone. so there's traffic banked up forever. he gets to the overtaking lane (which he has to move left into cause it's also an entry lane for a turnoff to some town). and every other moron stays in the right hand lane. and no-one overtakes. for starters the loser has sped up, and the other idiots haven't sped up. either drive on the limit, or get the fuck out of my way.

if you hold up this much traffic, then speed up at the only place where we can get past, don't be surprised when a couple of people go past you at about 140, including a b-double coal truck. i overtake zombie losers up the left (yes it's illegal, so is staying in the right lane if you're not overtaking) and then i jump in the right lane to get past the original losers.

which reminds me, on the way up on friday night, i catch up to another, very similar looking crapmobile to mine. he's doing about 85-90 in a 100 zone. i move up to overtake, he switches on his parkers to make me think he's got his brake lights on. whatever. i overtake, the stupid son of a bitch speeds up. i'm already commited to overtake, so i put my foot down, i end up doin about 130 to get past. he's one of those dickheads who've replaced their front park lights with coloured ones. and then he switches them off. loser.

is it so hard? if you're doing less than the limit, and we get somewhere where i can safely overtake, i'll overtake. no big deal. but if you speed up when i'm overtaking you, then you're just a prick. and if someone comes the other way, i'll run you off the road rather than have a head on with some innocent person coming the other way.

thus ends my traffic rant of the evening. i'm sure, being school holidays, i'll see lots more opportunities to have a bit of a sulk about idiots who think it's safe to slow down 20 kilometres per hour, and let a huge train of traffic build up behind them.

played soccer today. i'm stuffed now. getting slower every year dammit. we had a 2-2 draw and had a lot of fun. no drinkies at the pub with the boys tonight cause i've got the grommets. they're watchin a dvd in the loungeroom. we've got shark tales, van helsing and x-men 2.

skiing tomorrow, with this new demo ski :-D i am so looking forward to trying this baby out. it looks fast, and i'm sure that's important hehehehe

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