Thursday, April 07, 2005

ow ow ow, ouch

first game of over 35's soccer for me tonight. my soccer boots are stuffed so i thought i'd better lash out and get some new ones. my last set of boots were a tad too big, so i got them a bit tighter. and now my right big toe has a purple toenail. next time i'm not getting synthetic fucking anything. it's gonna be leather or nuthin.

i have a cunning fucking plan however. on saturday i'm gonna fill the pricks up with boiling hot water before i put them on. hopefully that'll either soften them up or screw them completely. then i'll buy some gooder ones.

so anyway, we didn't play particularly good but everyone had fun. we lost 2-0. missed a few chances, but so did they. i did my usual amount of fuckups. subbed off about 500 times because i'm so unfit. and generally felt old and stuff.

after the game the other team didn't hang about much (it was their home ground) but almost all of our team stayed, bought them out of beer, and stayed around for another half hour at least cracking jokes and laughing in the dressing shed. we must be doing something right :-)

so i get home and apply some medication. first beer, then something for my ankle. dunno what i'm gonna do about my toenail. grin and bear it i spose.

tomorrow is gonna be a big day. after work i'm going to sydney. catching up with friends. then picking up a new water ski to try out, and getting back down here for soccer on saturday by 11:30. seein as we're in third grade this year we don't get as much sleep in when we're hungover on saturday mornings before the games. so i spose i'd better pack tonight so i've got all my stuff together.

assuming i'm not dead on sunday after the game, i'll be trying out this new ski to see if i wanna buy it. and then i'll be still broke but i'll be grinning from ear to ear...

ps: oh yes, and YOUR sister (you two know who i mean) is watching "those magnificent men in their flying machines" and cackling like a maniac

pps: and then i notice (cause i can't resist and i watch it too, yes i'm that old, get stuffed) that she's drinking port. where's my port glass and where's the port? so she digs out the port. it's called gfp. which stands for (i kid you not) good fucking port. it's printed on the bottle. smooth

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