Saturday, April 30, 2005

i love being a dad.

even if i'm not a real dad. i just love just being there for them. giving them a hug goodnight, then taking them skiing the next day. taking them surfing, for a bbq at me mum's, or just hanging around here watching vids.

maybe i am still rich. or maybe just rich again. cause i was wondering the other day what i'd really love for my birthday, and i have no fucking idea. cause i have it all.

i've only felt like this once before. when i was married. ok, now i don't have what i did then. but i can be a realist. i'm having fun, and enjoying their company. life is good. there's a shitload of people in the world having a really bad time right now. so i think it'd be pretty self centered of me not to be enjoying the hell out of myself right now while i can.

eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet.

next month is a big month. my nephew's birthday, my son's birthday, my dad's birthday and apparently my son's girlfriend's birthday as well.

a mate of mine is spending this winter in antarctica this year and he got bored and sent out one of those stupid "all about me" emails. like what's your middle name, what are you reading, what music do you like etc...

and if you could turn back time, who would you talk to.

i'd be be talking to my neice. she wasn't yet 3 when some, when some, i can't even say it. a motor vehicle accident. she'd be ten now.

rewind and start again. if i could have anything, absolutely anything, it'd be safer roads and cars. sure, this country is lovely and safe compared to others, but it still cuts me to the quick. doesn't it (you know who you are and you know what i mean) dunno how many kids die unnecessarily every year in third world countries. my kids have their life and their health. and i figure that's an important thing. is a kids life worth a case of beer? two cases of beer? so i sponser a coupla kids in less well off countries.

it costs me about 2 cases of beer per month. and i reckon a kid is worth a lot more than that. if i get this job i'll add another one i reckon. i mean, you've gotta have goals and priorities and stuff. i might as well have some that mean something to me.

i hope this shit all makes sense tomorrow when i'm sober.

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