Wednesday, April 20, 2005


payday yay.

didn't achieve much though. some fool in one of the other departments gave one of my techs a hard time when he was installing a pc. my tech was less than impressed and told me so i passed some shit up the chain and it came back knocking on his door. he was less than impressed but passed it off as "meant without malice", just joking etc... and apologised. so add someone new to the list of people i've pissed off this week.

i'm over it, i don't give a shit.

my frikking new soccer boots though, i've decided, are the worst fucking boots i've ever bought. they are adidas something or others with blade type grip. the grip pattern is good. they stick like shit to a blanket. but for some reason the right boot is so damned uncomfortable. at first i thought the right one may have been too small, but that's not it. they aren't too short, just tight in the wrong places, especially my right big toe, and right at the top left of the laces where i often kick the ball.

not. happy. jan.

tomorrow i'm doing my oxygen provider and debrillator mc-zapper refresher training. they'll expect us to remember all sorts of stuff from our first aid course. har har har. hopefully it'll be quick cause i've got a mountain of shit to get through before i have friday off.

yes yes, i know, whinge, whinge, whine, whine.

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