Saturday, April 30, 2005

dya know, i think 3rd grade is harder than reserve grade.

if a team is strong enough to have 2 teams, then all the good players end up in 1st grade, and i end up in second grade. but if you don't have enough players to form 2 grades, then you get stuffed into 3rd grade.

our team has a 1st grade striker, our sweeper can play anywhere on the field in first grade. a coupla guys are actually able to play second grade, and the rest of us. and a lot of other teams are like that. we played this team today that were full of fit young buggers. this rotten little bastard i had to mark was about 20 years younger than me, and the first person to outrun me in 2nd or 3rd grade ever. in 2nd grade i don't get outsprinted, well not by a significant amount anyway. but this little prick had hit a gear that my gearbox doesn't even have. or maybe nitrous or something.

i ended up just standing on top of him. he couldn't run through me, had to run around me, gave me an extra part of a second to start running. fortunately they subbed him off and gave me someone slower.

so we subbed off and on, i mostly played in the backs. but that's all good. we had some fun. yelled at each other. the ref yelled at us. and afterwards we had beer. it doesn't get any better than that.

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