Tuesday, April 12, 2005

another day, another, errr, something or other

turns out when you get a demo ski, they want it back, dammit. otherwise every cheap arse (eg me) wants them at a discount.

one of the guys i drink with at church on sundays put me onto this shop. (aside) church is a place you go to each sunday, eg: the rsl club for the raffle(/aside) he reckoned i'd be able to pick up this ski he recommended, after taking it for a demo, for $550. sounded good to me. only when i picked it up to try it, they said it was $699. i figured i'd sort it out later.

sunday was one of those interesting days. still having teething problems with the boat. but we took my dad's boat as well as the "recovery" vessel. also good for "in gear" jump starts. never a dull moment. the kids were happy, D got to have a couple of goes behind the boat on his surfboard. he'll be a wakeboarder i reckon. L tried kneeboarding, but it seems she doesn't like speed as much when she's in the water, as when she's driving the boat. we'll get there though.

i reckon we had a few people looking though when we launched my mate's boat, then my dad's boat, then towed them out and jump started them in the middle of the river. i mean, sure you see some stuff happening up the river when people break down, but at the start of the day?

so anyway, you can ski behind dad's boat, but it's hard yakka. me mate tried it, got up on the fourth time. i told him, don't bother with any speed signals, i'm just gonna go flat out. it won't be fast enough though. wrong sorta hull. and then one of his mates was there with his boat, just nearby. me mate asks if i can get a drag behind his boat cause i'm demo-ing a ski. no probls he says. fucking champion!

pops me outta the water like a, errr thing that pops up real easy. he sees i'm up, and he gives it a bit. hooo yeah! we hit a bit of calm water and it's time to find out what this thing turns like. me mate (who's observing) turns to the driver to say that i'm giving it a bit. the driver looks around to see me eat it big time. i figure i've only got one go at it, so i go hard. down the river a bit, back past the beach, up a bit, then back for the dropoff. a coupla stacks, and i'm fucking stuffed. it was gonna be my only ski of the weekend and my only chance to test out this baby. and i've got a bit to learn before i'm in it's class. i'm sold.

turns out this boat has a 4 blade prop, and a fairly mild 308 red motor. the last deep water start i had it about figured, my shoulders never even went under water. fucking awesome. he says was he going the right speed? i said maybe just a tad too fast, (i meant like 5 kph) so he goes a shitload slower. after a few speed up signals he goes "fuck it" and tries to drag my arms out of my sockets. fuck i love skiing. that prop digs you out quick, and is real responsive, but looks like the motor is good enough to rev a bit as well.

so anyway. you don't get to keep the demo ski. i do a bit of ringing around, finding out what this ski is worth. turned out my drinking mate was telling me about last years model, and i was trying this years model. the cheapest i could find it anywhere was $600. but the water skiers' warehouse at rockdale (i'll give 'em a bit of a plug, good people i reckon) gave me a pretty good deal on a cover and some gloves, and took off the price of taking it for a demo (i don't think the $600 mob had a demo ski) so i spent a bit less than i would have if i'd gone to north sydney.

so i'm stoked. i'm not much of a shopper. i'd rather buy what i want, and pay a good price, than spend forever shopping around. i'm happy with the price, didn't pay top dollar, and it's a great ski. so if you're a skier, and your looking for a ski, consider taking a HO burner for a burl from the water skiers' warehouse at rockdale. i'll be back there for a hire during the snow season :-D

s'funny innit? there's no way in the wide world i'd pay that much dough for a snowboard. i bought a cheapy, and then hired good ones. the same for snow skis. and i love the snow. but for a surfboard i paid about $600 for a good one, and it's served me well, and i have no qualms about a $700 waterski. it's a good thing though that i'm getting some extra dollars at the mo for bein the boss. cause i'm spending all of it and more...

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