Thursday, April 14, 2005

age does not weary them, much....

had our second over 35's game tonight. i've been putting hot water in my boots and wearing them in an attempt to stretch them a bit, but i think that there's not enough leather in these crappy boots and too much synthetic shit for them to stretch properly.

my right big toenail's days are numbered.

it's a pity though, cause they've changed the tread pattern again. and they work even better than my old nike's did. they're just not as comfortable. of course the ground is still nice and soft, you can hear them biting the grass when you accelerate or turn hard. there is a frigging cricket pitch in the middle of our soccer pitch. in winter it turns into an ice skating rink, especially during training. you try and turn to kick the ball and end up sliding on your arse. and if it rains, it turns into a huge mud puddle.

tonight we only had 10 players, we should have 7 subs, but people have to work, are away with work, or turned up injured to drink beer and heckle us from the sideline :-) we went alright, but got done 3-1. it's all very civilised though. what happens on the field, stays on the field. and this mob we were playing are a good bunch. a few beers and tall stories were swapped afterwards

i went for a 50-50 ball with one of the opposition. i was always taught that you don't back off from a 50-50 ball, cause you'll hurt someone, or both of you. if you both hit the ball hard, it'll come out somewhere and you'll be fine. but one of us screwed up (probably me) and we clashed feet. ouch. gonna hurt tomorrow. oh well. casualty of having fun :-)

poets day termorrer. gotta go to the big smoke for a microsuck conference thingy, then back to work for a bit, then its the WEEKEND! yay!

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