Tuesday, March 15, 2005

yet again i am at work when i should be at home drinking.

an old and particularly hated foe. microsuck's isa server. a complex, arcane attempt at a firewall solution, because no-one ever got fired for buying microsoft. this is a new version. isa 2004. and after listening to some online training, until i was bleeding from the ears, i figured i'd better have a go and see if i can get if off the list of crap i haven't completed yet.

so i'm sitting here waiting for the damn thing to get all the updates off the web so that it's got half a chance of being secure when i put it out on the perimeter. then it's sort through the mass of documentation until i can find something that is both comprehensible and correct. as there's a lot that is neither.

and seeing as it's a new version, i'm sure by the time i finish it, i'll have a whole bunch of new reasons to hate microsuck.

a lil later:

so i was gonna do the ironing. at least i folded up the other stuff. the dvd wasn't too bad, except the first 5 mins or so. i hate watching surf movies where they play it in slow motion, and do replays. i know where the remote is, if i want it slow, i'll play it slow, wanna see it again? i'll go back.

and occy was meant to be in it. i musta blinked at the wrong time. dya know, i'm nearly famous. i knew a guy who went to school with occy.

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