Saturday, March 12, 2005

what a day. a day of fun in the sun. this is the lucky country.

8:30 the phone goes off. damn. so i'm up and bouncing through the house trying to find it. mr new-boat-owner wants to know if i'm coming skiing. hell yes. back to bed for another 30 mins sleep and then it's off to pick up L.she's old enough to be an observer, and she loves going fast in boats.

so i eventually drag myself out of bed and get out to my ex's to pick L up. and apart from my ex's guy, who's just got home from night work, i've woken everyone else up. so i feel really bad. and because no-one i know reads this, and my brother and sisters will keep their gobs shut. gees, it never fails to hit me. my ex wife is very cute. damn. oh well, bridges burnt and stuff... (fuck fuck shit fuck damn damn fucking damn. ok, switch brain back on. bridges burnt. and we're too similar. headstrong, emotional, and dumb. 20-20 hindsight, and rose tinted glasses.)

pick up L and we're off to my mate's, off to the river, and we're heading upstream, escaping the jelly blubbers. we both have a couple of ski runs. endurance is getting better. my ski is a lot better with the repaired binding, but still not fantastic. i borrow my mates, bottom of the line, combo ski, and it's so much better for getting out of the water, and the binding is awesome. it's just not as stable at speed. i need to try more skis.

we're both a bit wobbly at the start. but we start carving. after a few starts we're getting our shit together, and after a few turns, i'm starting to put a few together. still not good, but some of my turns didn't totally suck. i have my first choice stack of the season. not one of those ones where you are winded and water is pouring out of your eyes, but i was a big fat skipping stone, bouncing across the water for about 30 metres. a bit of a swim back to the ski. it's only gonna get better :-) about a 5-6 out of 10 on the stack-o-meter. it only gets better. i need to demo some good skis. i am in fucking heaven. fair dinkum.

the fibreglass engine cover isn't waterproof, and we pick up some water, the belt for the raw water pump starts slipping, and the sender unit for the temperature gauge screws up as well. so we have to stop and check it out. fortunately we're done skiing for the day. i'm screwed. back home and i'm having a nap to try and catch up.

hmmm, tomorrow, the same again :-D la la lalala la lala la (smurf theme song, just to be irritating)

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