Wednesday, March 16, 2005

well the busy season has definitely started.

my only free nights are thursdays, and my next day off is the 2nd of april, and that's when soccer starts. i'll have to take a flexi in there somehow. which also means no more skiing until either the 2nd of april after soccer, or the next day, if i'm still in one piece. i'll have to convince him to do some after work skiing next week before daylight savings disappears...

soccer training wasn't a huge turnout. not too bad though considering we've lost 4 players to another team and another couple aren't playing because we're only in third grade. we should have enough for a drinking team anyway :-) and i'm not the oldest anymore either! woohoo! we've got a guy come back to play who's 39. plus my brother is playing again, so i'm not the slowest either hehehehe

now i just need to fork out about $130-140 for some new soccer boots, $175 for my soccer rego, $175 for my daughter's rego and save up a bit of money for the inevitable physiotherapy visits, and i'll be set.

i have a spider abseiling in front of my screen, he's only tiny, and he keeps scurrying back up to the light, then down again. i think i made him self conscious, he's not coming back out. no wait, here he comes again.

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